Info current as of Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The last day for the store to be open is October 10th.

If you didn't bring it, we probably have it!

Open seven days a week from 7 am to at least 8 pm, the store features a wide variety of food, repair items and stuff you never thought you would need but we knew.....

Cereals, bread, graham crackers and marshmallows are at hand. Condiments, chips, beer (best selection of micro brews on the mountain), wine, milk, juices, tuna, canned meat, cheeses and flour tortillas wait on the shelves.

The camping supplies section includes lantern and stove fuel, white gas (various types), alcohol, glass replacements, mantels, matches, rope, pots and pans, and much more. If you need fishing tackle, you can choose from rods and reels, lure, spinners, line, weights, hooks, flies, nets, carrying cases or bait.

A great assortment of hiking necessities are stocked, based upon the input of our hiking friends. Then there is clothing, hats, gifts, candy, ice and stuff you probably didn't even know you need!

For the thru-hikers, we carry many of the necessities (i.e. white gas and denatured alcohol by the ounce, duct tape by the foot, blister care products, bulk cheeses, meats, bagels, dehydrated foods etc.)


We carry the most common fuel canisters as well as alcohol and white gas in the VVR store. If you have an unusual fuel canisters, or one that is sold outside the United States, please call VVR at 559-259-4000 to ensure we have the canister you need.

Arrange for Lodging, Rentals and Tours!

Check at the store to arrange for boat rentals and to take the scheduled shuttle ride to the Mono Creek area. If you're hiking the PCT/JMT, send your re-supplies here and we'll set them aside until you get here. This is the place to book a motel room or tent cabin. We'll point out the laundry room and shower facilities. We're here to help you have a fantastic vacation. If you have suggestions, please share them with us. (559) 259-4000

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